Francesco Rossi


I love to spend entire days rummaging through flea markets and dusty basements searching for old objects.

Often, simply walking through the woods, I happen to stumble upon farmhouses inhabited by farmers, whom, once I talk about my work with them, give me old boards, antique crates for grapes and other objects no longer used, all rich in history and tied to the traditions of my land.

Once I return to my workshop, I lay the objects up against the wall and I begin to observe them.
From that precise moment an imaginary dialogue starts between me and the object, a confrontation that can last for weeks, months, until, the recuperated object and the structure in iron, minimal and supporting, merge, representing my personal concept of design.

It's from this blend of the past and present that these unique pieces come to life, not reproducible in series, created by an exclusively handmade craftsmanship that is deliberately slow.

Francesco Rossi